Living with Aphasia Conference – March 2020

 In 2016  we  had  a  very  successful  conference  for  people  with  aphasia

“it was fantastic”

“great two days”

It  was  so  popular  we  have  been  asked  to  run  another

The  conference  will  be  held  in  Coventry   in  England.   March 2020

Families, friends,  aphasia  and  stroke organisations,  and  health  professionals  are  also  invited.  

People  with  aphasia  have  helped  plan  the  conference  and  will  chair  the  sessions. 

All information  will  be  presented  in  a  way  that  is  easier  for  people  with  aphasia. 

There  will  be  support  from  therapists  and  students  to  help  people  to  join  in.

We  will  discuss  ways  that  people  can  ‘live  well  with  aphasia’

  • technology and  aphasia,  learn  and  have  a  go
  • what’s happening  about  aphasia  in  the  UK  and  around  the  world
  • research
  • support for  carers  of  people  with  aphasia
  • travel with  aphasia
  • volunteering with  aphasia
  • aphasia and  the  arts

This is a wonderful opportunity

  • Do something  new, develop  confidence,  be  inspired
  • Learn from  each  other  and  share  ideas
  • Find out  about  new  services  and  ways  to  help

Sunday 29th & Monday 30th March, 2020

Warwick  Conference  Centre,  Coventry,  England        There  is  a  hotel  at  the  centre

Cost 2  days  with  accommodation  –  £100         Professionals   £200

If  you  are  not  sure  what  to  expect  take  a  look at  the  video  of  the  last  conference   – go to youtube  and search for ‘aphasia united conference’


This is  what  people  said about  the last conference  –

“given me confidence to try new things”

“lots of information”

 “making new friends”

 “hearing other people’s stories”

“nicely spaced out”

Do  you  want  to  know  more?

Contact  Gill or Denise at

01706 825802    (part time office)


Let  us  know  as  soon  as  possible  if  you  are  interested –  we  can  save  you  a  space  and  help  you  to  register.

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