Speakeasy is regularly involved in research around aphasia, stroke or other related topics.  We support people to participate in research which may help contribute to the evidence about how best to help people in the future.  Many people who do this say that they benefit from this themselves too; they enjoy taking part, and sometimes their skills improve.

In the past there has been little involvement by people with aphasia in shaping and running research projects. Speakeasy is at the forefront of the work to change this.  We enable members to develop the skills they need to take part in research and to train researchers to involve people with communication disabilities.

We  help to shape research projects, our members share their ideas and help guide the process, we are also world renowned experts at making research information accessible for people with aphasia or other difficulty which makes it hard to understand what is written.

We have good links with many Universities and regularly have new projects.

Speakeasy completed a computer project funded by the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia.  It aimed to explore the use of computer software for people with aphasia from within a charity and to develop our use of the StepbyStep software.