We always have things that we would like to buy to support our work. Can you help?

Support and funding

Funding to provide training and support for people with aphasia taking part in the ‘Aphasia awareness project’ delivering talks to business and community groups. These talks develop skills and confidence in the speaker whilst making the public aware of aphasia. £10,000 pa
Fund the North West conference for people with aphasia £2,000
Employing a counsellor with aphasia to offer counselling one morning a week. £2,000 pa
Claro Lightning with speech software for people with vision impairment £235

Core courses for members

Music therapy for 2 x 6 week blocks.  Music can be very beneficial in many ways for people who have brain damage and communication difficulties £2,070
Funding for physiotherapy, Reiki and Tai Chi sessions, all of these activities benefit people who have had stokes £2,700
Developing personal portfolio course for 8 members to help with adjusting to living with aphasia £1,800

Courses for carers

Carers Course ‘Caring for people with aphasia 10 week courses £1,000 pa
‘Working with partners to improve communication skills’ 1 x 10 weeks course £1,000 pa
Carers’ break for 10 people; accommodation plus flights @ £154 each – includes therapies £2,540
” Reiki, pampering sessions for carers for 6 people per year £150 per session

Specialist courses

Outward Bound course, with specialist help for people with disabilities.  These courses can be very beneficial towards developing confidence and abilities £4,000
Doing more with aphasia – an 8 week course for volunteering with aphasia. £2,990