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First emergency contact Chair John Fox: 07816398180. Lives locally.

Second emergency contact Sophie (bookings) – 07988539941, 01204 883220 (work- emergency only)

How to enter/exit building and open gate

  1. On accessing the Club the gate may be locked – code for gate is 2799
  2. Enter the building by the white (kitchen) door on the side
  3. Unlock the door (key marked kitchen door) then swipe the black alarm activator over the alarm. Once this goes to green the inner door can be opened.
  4. The interior front door has a padlock – unlock and open front food for member access
  5. The store room must be kept locked at all times as it is just near the entrance (bronze E*S key)
  6. The door at the back of the big room is an emergency exit and MUST BE UNLOCKED WHILST IN ATTENDANCE (silver key ER)
  7. The thermostat is found on the left wall, to the right of the projector screen as you enter the big room from the kitchen. It will need to be turned up each week and then turned down again to 15 before we leave
  8. Kitchen hatch – remove to allow members to order refreshments on arrival. Put back in place prior to start of meeting.
  9. Leaving the premises – Before setting alarm ensure the front doors/store room door and fire door are locked. Secure the padlock on internal door and ensure all windows closed. Turn down the thermostat if adjusted.  Wooden panel in serving hatch must be back in place, and chair mover returned to store cupboard
  10. Put the alarm fob across the alarm and it will say testing. Once activated leave the building and lock the door