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This document describes the items which exist under the Aphasia Conference 2024 Team. The team was created separate from other Speakeasy teams, to make sure that all data is fully segregated from Speakeasy data.



The following electronic forms have been created, to enable anyone anywhere to register either as a member or as a facilitator:
The forms work in conjunction with Power Automate flows to populate a Sharepoint list using the responses from each form.

SharePoint Lists

Data captured from the forms described above is stored in a Sharepoint list called “Aphasia Conference 2024 Members”.

Power Automate Flows

The following Power Automate Flows have been created:

Aphasia Conference 2024: Member Registration

This flow is triggered when a submission of the “Aphasia Conference 2024: Member Registration Form” is detected.  It works by transferring the data from the responses into the “Aphasia Conference 2024 Members” Sharepoint list. The flow for member registration creates a contact with a contact type of “Member”. Initially, the new contact is created with a status of “Pending” – an administrator can then modify the status to active or archived, as appropriate.
As the flow completes, an email is sent the email address specified in the form. The email is configured so that the “from (send as)” address is the Aphasia Conference 2024 shared mailbox (see “Shared Mailbox” below). Thus, if the person replies to the email, it can be seen by any staff/volunteer who has been granted access to that mailbox.
The email will provide links enabling a user to pay for the conference – at this time this has not yet been determined, but SumUp payment links will be used to take payment. A test SumUp payment link  has been created to prove the concept. It is anticipated that multiple links will be created, one for each category of conference registration.

When Aphasia Conference 2024 Member status changes

This flow is triggered when a change is detected in the status of any member in the “Aphasia Conference 2024 Members” Sharepoint list, as described below:
  • If the status is set to “Active – Payment Requested”, an email is sent to the member, containing a link to a SumUp page, from where payment can be made. The link will vary, depending upon the type of accommodation that has been requested, as there are different levels of payment for each type of accommodation (e.g. shared or single).
  • If the status is set to “Active – Paid”, the member will receive an email confirming that they have paid their fees.
  • If the status is set to “Active – Sponsored by Speakeasy”, the member will receive an email confirming that Speakeasy will be paying their fees.

Associated Apps

The app “Aphasia Conference 2024 App” can be used via a mobile phone or desktop PC to view or edit the sharepoint list data. The app can be launched from Teams by navigating to “Aphasia Conference 2024…General.” and clicking on the “Aphasia Conference 2024 App” tab. The app works in a similar way to existing apps such as the Speakeasy Contacts Phone App – the only main difference is that there are buttons which appear which make it easier to modify the member status to request payment, assign a member as being sponsored by Speakeasy or confirm payment has been received. When one of these buttins is pressed, the member status changes and the “when Aphasia Conference 2024 Memebr status changes” flow  wil be triggered.

Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox called AphasiaConference2024Office has been created. Staff/volunteers can be granted access to this mailbox so that emails relating to this conference are kept separate from other general office-related emails. Several users have been given SendAs permission to send emails from this email address. This can be configured by launching Exchange 365 administrator, then navigating to

Recipients…Mailboxes…Aphasia Conference 2024, then configuring users with SendAs and Full access. See the existing configuration for more information.

Email Distribution List

A distribution list has been created called “AphasiaConference2024Members”. This makes it easy to send emails to all conference members. This list is automatically populated by a scheduled job (see Synchronisation of Email Distribution Lists) and will add each active member of the conference to the list.

SumUp Payment Links

To make it easier to collect money from members who have registered to attend the forum, payment links have been set up in SumUp.

To check that a payment has been received, login to SumUp (details are in BitWarden) and navigate to “Payment Links”. Click on the “Activity” tab to see details of who has paid. If a recent payment has been received, check in the app whether it has been recorded – e.g. if a payment is received from “John Smith”, navigate to John Smith’s entry in the “Aphasia Conference 2024 App”. If it has not been recorded as paid, click the button named “Confirm payment was received”. It is recommended that this is checked every couple of days, so that users get a confirmation email from the app within a reasonably short timeframe.

To create a payment link, login to SumUp (details are in BitWarden) either via a mobile phone or a web app and navigate to “Payment Links”. Click on the “Reusable links” tab and click “Create Payment Link”. Fill out the description and value fields. and make sure the “Activate reusable link” option is set. If not, the link can only be used by one person, which won’t work. Links can be given an expiry date, but this is not usually needed by Speakeasy. Once the forum is over, the links can be deactivated.

Sharing the Aphasia Forum Apps with Users External to the Speakeasy Organisation

One key external user will be assigned a new Microsoft Teams licence from Speakeasy’s own licences, so that they can access the Aphasia Conference 2024 team and associated application.

Sharing with users who already have their own Teams licence can be done as described below.

As the Sharepoint list was created in the Aphasia Conference 2024 team, there are default permissions applied to access the list data.  All that is required is for a Teams administrator, via Microsoft Teams, to click on the ellipsis to the right of the “Aphasia Conference 2024” team and click “Add Member”. Specify the email address(es) of the user(s) to be added – a warning may appear to indicate that these lie outside of the Speakeasy organisation – then click “Add”. The user is added as a guest. For this to work, the user will need their own Microsoft Teams licence.

Removing Teams/App access from Users External to the Speakeasy Organisation

Any Microsoft Teams licences assigned by Speakeasy to an external user can easily be revoked. For other users using their own copy of a Teams licence, follow the instructions below.
All that is required is for a Teams administrator, via Microsoft Teams, to click on the ellipsis to the right of the “Aphasia Forum” team and click “Manage Team”. A list of users who have access to the team is then displayed – guest users (typically users external to the organisation) are displayed in a separate list and can easily be deleted.