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These guide provides a some guidance on performing some of the day-to-day finance operations in Xero.

Split Invoices Over Multiple Payments

Invoices split over multiple payments: see: Split Invoices Over Multiple Transactions in Xero.

Comparing Balances between The Bank and Xero

SeeĀ How To Compare Bank and Xero Account Balances

Removing (Merging) Duplicate Contacts

Xero makes it too easy to add new contacts when a suitable contact already exists, resulting in, say, 20 different variants of JustGiving. Contacts variants can be merged back into a single contact by following the instructions in the video below. Transaction histories will be updated so any references to the old contact is now replaced with the single contact.

See the following YouTube video which describes the process:

Reconciling Transactions


Reconciling Salaries

When a salary is paid, a transaction for the gross salary amount will appear in Xero. As part of the process of reconciling this transaction in Xero, the salary needs to be broken down into costs per project. The timesheet application has been modified (October 2023) to make this easier to do. See the “Calculating Project Salary Costs” section in the following article:

How to use the Speakeasy Timesheets App

Simplifying Transaction Reconciliation Using Bank Rules

Xero can use bank rules which enable transactions in Xero can be more consistently reconciled. All commonly occurring transactions can be allocated a rule which is then presented to the user to apply. The following video provides an excellent tutorial on this topic: