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This PowerShell script provides detail of the commands needed to register a SharePoint document library with Office 365 so that, when a user clicks “New” to create a new Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) any relevant Office templates uploaded to the library will be visible to the user via a folder tab – in our case, this is called “Speakeasy Templates”. e.g. In Word, a Speakeasy letter template has been created so users can easily create a letter with the Speakeasy header and footer.

See the following knowledge base article, which describes the whole process:

Configuring Office 365 to show Speakeasy Templates

Where to Find It

Name of script: ConfiguringSpeakeasyOfficeTemplates.ps1

The script is under source control and can be accessed from the following repository:

SpeakeasyScripts Repository

See the following article which provides an overview, including how to make changes to scripts using git:

How It Works

The script contains the commands needed to register a pre-created SharePoint document library with Office. The knowledge base article referenced above provides instructions on how to create the SharePoint document library