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Rather than providing complicated links to web sites, it can be simpler for users to scan a QR code using their smartphone camera. This can be very useful at presentations/conferences – a QR code t a conference poster or the Speakeasy website can easily be included in a poster or the last page of a PowerPoint presentation, alongside the traditional link. This article describes how to use a third party web site to create a QR code.


Navigate to the following web site: QR Code Generator

A web page will appear and prompts for a web address. Enter the web address of the item for which a QR code is required. Specify one of the free available styes and download the image. It is recommended that QR codes are stored in the following location:

Bury Speakeasy\Speakeasy – General\IT Resources and support organisations\Images\QRCodes

Some files, e.g. a QR code for Speakeasy’s web site. are already stored here. Make sure the name of the file clearly explains what the QR code is for. The image can then be inserted into Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents. Make sure that the image is large enough for a user to be successfully scan the QR code and navigate to its site – making the image too small can cause it not to work.