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Speakeasy is often asked to provide details of referrals between two dates, as part of funding applications. Whilst there is already a report called “MembershipReports”, this is pre-configured with fixed reporting date ranges, e.g. year-to-date and 3-monthly reports, and does not easily enable a user to alter these dates. The “UserDefinedReferralReport” makes it easy for a user to produce a report from Teams, without having to open the complex reporting package “Power BI”, providing the user with a date range filter.


Launch the report from Microsoft Teams. Navigate to the “Contact Details and Activity” team and click on “Referrals Report”. A screen should appear, similar to the following:

Note: the “Filters” pane may need to be expanded as the report may display with it collapsed. There are chevrons on the right hand side of the report screen which enable the “Filters”pane to be expanded or collapsed – the collapse button can be seen in the above screenshot.

The screenshot above shows an example of this report with the filters tab expanded and  a relative date of “in the last 120 days” specified on 06/07/23, resulting in a time range of 09/03/23 to 06/07/23. An absolute time can also be specified by clicking on the “Filter type” list. Once a time filter has been specified, click the “Apply Filter” button and the data will be filtered to only show referrals that have occurred between the two dates specified.