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This is a really useful which provides information on what documents have been created or edited recently and (importantly) where they have been saved in Microsoft Teams. Users often forget where they have created a new document and, if the file is not in their recent files list or they are using a different computer, this can be frustrating.

Microsoft provide an activity feed which provides information on Microsoft Teams activity, including document activity. This brief guide explains how to launch this feature.


Launch the Microsoft 365 (Office) App by clicking on the Windows button at the bottom left hand side of the screen, then start typing “365”. The app should appear – click on it to launch. See the image below:

Users who have a personal Office account may need to switch to the Speakeasy account by clicking on the account manager icon near top RHS (show image)
When the app launches, click on the “Feed” icon. See the image below:

Recent activity will be shown – this is especially useful to see what files/documents have recently been created and where they are located. Some users may have a personal copy of Office365 installed. If this is the case, the Feed option will not be available, but the user can switch accounts to their Speakeasy account simply by clicking on the icon containing a circle (the icon containing “PC” in the image above)  towards the top right hand side of the application, then selecting the “sign in with a different account” option.