We are not funded by the NHS or the government. The vast majority of what  we spend on people with aphasia comes from member subscriptions, kind donations and charitable grants.

We also offer training to companies and educational establishments, we adapt written materials to be communication friendly, easy-to-read books on accessible local walks and a very stylish line of Speakeasy branded aprons.

To keep innovating in our support of people with aphasia we hustle for every penny.

If you can help, if you’re looking for a good cause for your bungee jump or sponsored bean bath, Speakeasy needs you.

We always need motivated and energetic volunteers, so if you can get to Ramsbottom on a Moday or a Tuesday we have an exciting opportunity to make a difference.

If all you’ve got is a bundle of fivers burning a hole in your pocket, we won’t mind either. In the current climate our funds are more precious and under threat than ever.

We’ve launched a GoFundMe campaign to get us through the current crisis. You can contribute at


Thank you to all our generous patrons. We love you all.

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