Speakeasy is for people living with aphasia. Our mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of people who have aphasia and their carers. To achieve this we provide support for people when they need it and for as long as they want it. Our members help us to design our work so that we have a range of activities which suit people’s needs. These therapeutic activities are designed to assist with building skills and confidence, and improving communication.

The wide range of activities and projects are designed to support members’ individual requirements. Many of the activities work towards supporting people to re-establish links with their communities again. Activities are both for people who have aphasia and for their carers.

The members of Speakeasy direct the nature of the activities, we plan and support people to do activities that are both helpful and meaningful. Consequently it is difficult to predict what we may do in the future. Recent Speakeasy activities have included the following work:

  • Developing communication skills for group discussions
  • Art therapy
  • Image and self esteem after a stroke
  • Practicing skills for listening to talks and presentations
  • Shaping research projects
  • Training other people to be better at communicating
  • Developing awareness talks about aphasia for community groups
  • Gardening for the disabled
  • Learning to play Bridge
  • Individual work using specialist aphasia computer software
  • Group computer skills courses
  • Members working towards their own goals
  • Assertiveness skills for carers
  • Courses for carers in developing communication skills