Speakeasy Activities

Learn about the wide variety of activities that Speakeasy hosts

Weekly sessions

Speakeasy regular sessions at Ramsbottom Cricket Club. These fortnighly sessions offer structured and purposeful activities within an environment where aphasia is accepted and understood. People can be comfortable knowing that they will receive the support they need to join in activities and to communicate is the best way possible.

Online Meetings

Speakeasy provides a weekly online meeting, using Zoom, where members and carers can share their experiences and get support from trained Speakeasy volunteers.

Social Activities

Speakeasy organise several social activities throughout the year, aimed at improving the confidence of people with aphasia. Examples include: indoor golf events, assisted cycling, visits to public gardens and Christmas parties.

  • Developing communication skills for group discussions
  • Art therapy
  • Image and self esteem after a stroke
  • Practising skills for listening to talks and presentations
  • Shaping research projects
  • Training other people to be better at communicating
  • Gardening for the disabled
  • Indoor golf events
  • Individual work using specialist aphasia computer software
  • Group computer skills courses
  • Members working towards their own goals
  • Assertiveness skills for carers
  • Courses for carers in developing communication skills
  • assisted cycling
  • Developing awareness talks about aphasia for community groups