Speakeasy provides training for people who interact with those who have aphasia or other communication difficulties. We have drawn upon our extensive experience of training and working alongside people with aphasia to devise a diverse range of communication skills training modules.

Our courses are developed in conjunction with Rapport Communication Consultancy; an established training management consultancy which specialises in corporate management training and executive coaching (www.rapport-online.com). As we increase our range of training options we aim to ensure our courses are delivered professionally and effectively. A training course can be tailor made by selecting appropriate modules to suit the needs of the people being trained.

Computer courses

Speakeasy runs one day computer courses, aimed at giving speech and language therapists a greater insight into the range of software available for people with aphasia and how to use it.

Communication skills

We offer a one day course for people working with those who have aphasia. It is tailored to meet your requirements and is suitable for staff in residential or day care settings, staff in hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

Our approach

Speakeasy has a unique approach to training, one we call the ‘Tapas style’ in which we offer our clients a menu of modules from which they can, in discussion with our training manager, write their own customised courses. Customising training ensures that we can target our client audience with the appropriate mix of modules for their needs.

The process

When we receive a request for training our first step is to meet with a client representative and in discussion analyse the exact training needs of the target group. This will then instigate the discussion about which modules are appropriate to fit in with the length of time available for the training. Should there be special requirements we pride ourselves on being able to respond through the depth of experience available to us. The training can be delivered at our own training suite in Ramsbottom for delegate groups of up to 15, or in a location of your choice. Evaluation of the courses is always carried out and the results supplied to you for future reference.

Sample modules

Who needs it?
Theory of communication, what why how. An exploration of human communication and the component parts. An increased awareness of the building blocks assists with the rebuilding process.

How it feels
People with aphasia share their personal insights and experiences of living with aphasia and give opportunity for delegates to experience challenging communicative situations.

Am I bothered?
The importance of good communication skills in your current role, the differences that are required to create improvements and what they may involve.

OK, so how do I do it?
What communication changes can be made by you. The Speakeasy step by step approach.

Changing rooms revisited
Creating an aphasia friendly environment. Looking at delegates particular working environment and what changes are necessary and possible.

The 3 Rs
Making literature aphasia friendly. Making the changes to workplace literature to make it accessible for people with aphasia.

What is in your toolbox?
Practical communication resources. Low tech resources and methods. What is available and where to get it from.

Before it hits the fan
Troubleshooting strategies. Having the insight to know what has gone wrong and how to deal with it appropriately and productively.

Does he take sugar?
Update on approaches to the philosophy of disability and why it matters particularly for people with communication challenges.

Whats what?
Different neurological conditions experience different communication difficulties. Insight into the specific communication challenges leads to better understanding of how to help.

Your turn
The opportunity to engage and converse with people who have aphasia who are experienced in giving constructive feedback. The practical, informal setting helps delegates to increase their skills and learn from each other.

Do you hear me?
Counselling in aphasia is a specific area of need. Delegates, in this practical module, will be helped to enhance their listening skills and build awareness of the need for an empathic and positive approach.

Research, don’t leave me out
Involvement of people with aphasia in contributing to research projects can be challenging. To ensure that this involvement is truly meaningful and inclusive delegates will explore the philosophical challenges of research involvement, the legal issues, and practical applications.

Who cares?
Helping carers to cope. Carers for people with aphasia have specific challenges. This modules addresses issue of helping them find the positives, building the ability to communicate with their health professionals, and encouraging them to keep their own levels of self esteem high.

Use it don’t lose it
An update for those previously trained by Speakeasy to ensure that their skills are maintained and enhanced.

For a full day course we deliver 6 modules, always including a practical session – your turn. However, several of these modules, for example carers and research can be expanded to form a stand alone course.

For more details please contact us. Our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements. All our training is co-delivered by people with aphasia.