Aphasia Conference 2024

Aphasia Conference 2024 is a conference for people with aphasia and their carers. Families, friends, aphasia and stroke organisations, and health professionals are also invited. The conference will be held in Coventry in England on the following dates:


Sunday 14th and Monday 15th April 2024


People with aphasia have helped plan the conference and will chair the sessions.
The information will be presented in a way that is easier for people with aphasia. There will be support from therapists and students to help people to join in.


The theme is ‘Wellbeing and aphasia’.
  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Keep learning
  • Help others
  • Be aware
  • Support for carers


There will be a small exhibition of organisations relevant for people living with aphasia. There is a hotel at the centre. This is a wonderful opportunity:
  • Do something new, develop confidence, be inspired
  • Learn from each other and share ideas
  • Find out about new services and ways to help
  • Meet people with aphasia from around the world!


Cost for 2 days of conference, overnight stay and all meals:
  • £150 per person for single room
  • £120 per person for shared room


To register your interest in attending please use the link below: