Answers to questions which are commonly asked by our members

Will it cost money to attend Speakeasy?

We rely on donations to fund our work. We would be grateful for a £7.50 donation each time you come. Talk to us if this would be difficult for you, we many be able to find a way around it.I don’t live in Bury, can I still get help?
Yes, we have many members from outside Bury. If you can travel to us we will try to support you.

Do I need to ask my Doctor or Therapist to refer me to Speakeasy?

No, just contact us directly and we can tell you when to come along

How long will I have to wait before I can start coming?

At Speakeasy we don’t have waiting lists, people can come along as soon as they need us. Once a month we hold an open morning for new people. On this morning a Speech and Language therapist will talk to new people together to explain and show what we do.

My husband has difficulty communicating but he does not want to come to Speakeasy, can I still come along?

Yes, Our carers can also meet each week. They can have time to talk to each other and get support from someone else who is in the same situation. They often have their own activities, and they regularly ask for information about such things as lifting and helping movement, finances and benefits, managing medicines. Sometimes they just want time to relax away from their partner

How long can I keep coming for?

We don’t discharge people at Speakeasy, people can come for as long as they need to.