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This document describes how to create distribution lists in Office 365.


In Office 365, email distribution lists are known as groups.

Login to the Microsoft 365 admin centre. Navigate to “Active Teams and Groups” and click the Distribution List tab.

  1. Click the “Add a Group” button and select a group type of “Distribution”.
  2. Give the group a name and click “Next”
  3. Assign one or more owners (this is usually the Speakeasy administrator) and click “Next”.
  4. At this stage, don’t add other members to the group until it has been tested (in step 6). Click “Next”
  5. Give the group a unique email address and make sure that “Allow people outside of my organization to send email to this Distribution group” is unchecked. (This can be checked, but only if absolutely necessary as it opens the mailbox up to receiving emails from people outside of Speakeasy, including those who send SPAM emails). Click “Next”
  6. Test the group configuration by sending a test email to its address
  7. Go back to the group configuration and edit it to add other members, as appropriate.