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Speakeasy regularly posts news on its web site. This guide describes how  create a new post.


To create a new post, first login to the Speakeasy web site via WordPress – there are multiple WordPress logins stored in BitWarden – choose the one that corresponds to the person logging in.

Once logged in, navigate to Posts…All Posts, then click “Add New Post”. Give the post a suitable title (try to keep the title it brief and clear).  Add text in the box beneath the title box – links to videos/other sites/photos can be added, alongside any descriptive text. Click the “Publish” button t make the new post available on the web site.

Editing an Existing Post

To edit an existing post, navigate to Posts…All Posts. All the posts are shown with most recent first.  Use the “Search” box if the required post cannot be found. Once the correct post title has been found, hover over the required post and click “edit”. Make any changes, then click the “Update” button.