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This document provides brief instructions on how to configure an organisational-specific data privacy statement, which is good practice for reassuring people who submit personal data to Speakeasy. The statement explains how Speakeasy handles personal data – a key tenet for ensuring GDPR compliance. Having follwed the instructions on how to configure the notice, it will appear as a link on any electronic form that Speakeasy use to capture personal information, such as the PWA/Member Referral Form.


The Privacy Statement

A privacy statement has already been written which states Speakeasy’s policy. It can be accessed from the Speakeasy website via the following link:

The above page was written using WordPress. To edit the content, login to WordPress, navigate to “All Pages” and edit the page called “Speakeasy Privacy Statement”. See¬†BitWarden for details of how to login to WordPress.

Configure Microsoft Forms to Include a Link to the Privacy Statement

By default, the message that appears in the footer of each Microsoft Form indicates that no organisational privacy statement has been configured. A URL to a privacy statement can be configured via the following page:
Within five minutes of a URL being registered, the footer in a Microsoft Form will change to reflect the presence of the URL and two links will be provided, one detailing Microsoft’s terms of use and the other Speakeasy’s privacy statement, which will be available via a “Privacy and cookies” link.