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This document describes how to set up a personal email signature so that a fixed set of text appears at the end of each email that is sent. This could be something as simple as:

firstname lastname

The personal signature will appear immediately at the end of the email body, but before any organisation-wide email footer that may have been configured. Instructions on how the footer text can be modified (by administrators only) is given in the following document:

Creating/Editing an Organisation Email Footer


Download the following document, then open it in Microsoft Word: OutlookEmailSignature.docx.

Note: DO NOT open in the document in Microsoft Teams as Team adds extra formatting that will cause the signature not to work correctly. If you click on the above link, the document can then be downloaded by clicking on the ellipsis that appears at the very top of the Teams screen and selecting the Download option.

From Outlook, select File…Options…Mail…Signatures. Click New and specify a name of Speakeasy Default. Click Ok

Copy the contents of the OutlookEmailSignature document from Microsoft Word.

Paste the signature into the Edit signature box, then amend the text and the job title as appropriate. Click Ok to save and exit the signature option or Cancel to discard the changes.