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It can be useful to identify very large files so that disk space usage can be optimised. This is particularly important if charges for disk space usage start to be levied, e.g. when storage limits have been exceeded. Movie files can often be very large.


This assumes that Microsoft Teams files are synced to a user’s local computer such that they are available via File Explorer. See the following page for more information:

The advantage of using a local folder for storing Teams files is that the files can more easily be searched and the size of folders and files can more easily be identified using standard tools

It is recommended that TreeSize be installed. See TreeSize Free (the paid version has extra features but this is not required).

TreeSize helps identify large directories and files (such as movies and large photographs) and helps with housekeeping of folders. The screenshot below shows a simple overview of the synchronised Teams folders. By zooming into sub-folders, the files comprising these totals can be identified and deleted if no longer required.