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By default, all Speakeasy email distribution lists are configured so that external email senders, i.e. those without a Speakeasy email address, cannot send an email to the list. However, it is sometimes useful to allow external users to be able to send. e.g.
  1. Azure PowerShell Runbooks use Twilio SendGrid to send emails, e.g. an automatically generated Trustees report. This can’t be done without first configuring the Trustees distribution list to allow an external sender to send to it. Similarly, a script that monitors the change in status of Timesheets sends emails to different distribution lists, so these lists need to be visible externally.
  2. Aphasia Forum members are typically contacted by a Forum administrator who is external to the Speakeasy organisation – they actually now use GMail as they receive a weekly CSV of contacts, but we could have allowed them to send to these contacts if we had configured the list to allow external senders (though it still wouldn’t allow them to expand the distribution list to edit out members)
To configure a distribution list to support external senders being allowed to email, see below.


Navigate to Microsoft 365  Admin Center…Active teams & groups. Click on the “Distribution List” tab. Select a distribution list. Select the “Settings” tab and set the option “Allow external senders to email this group”.
Note: the Azure PowerShell runbook that populate distribution lists does not delete and recreate any list – the scripts just empties the contacts of each list before repopulating them. However, if the script is modified to add a new list, then by default the list is not accessible to external senders and the above instructions to make it accessible should be followed.