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Whilst a PowerBI report can be edited and its source data (such as that from a SharePoint list) can be refreshed manually, this is impractical on a daily basis, so Power BI supports a scheduled refresh of the data so that reports are automatically updated with new data. This document describes how to configure a scheduled refresh of the data used by PowerBI reports.


First, navigate to the PowerBI admin portal at: Speakeasy Power BI Portal. Note, access will not be possible unless the user has appropriate privileges.
In the pane on the left-hand side, navigate to the appropriate workspace (e.g. “Speakeasy Reporting”).  For each data set listed in the workspace, click the ellipsis and click “Settings”.
Select the “Refresh” (this used to be named Scheduled Refresh” settings – see the screenshot below:
Edit these to suit the data refresh requirements. Typically, a daily overnight refresh should be sufficient as Speakeasy data is not subject to frequent change. A daily update should be sufficient to make sure that data such as member referrals are updated. Ensure that an email address is specified so that any failure to refresh is notified to a Speakeasy staff member.
Important: remember to configure the scheduled refresh each time an additional report is added to the workspace.