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This document describes how a newsletter can be sent to a given shared mailbox early in a week, and queued to be delivered the following Tuesday or Friday.


Create the newsletter email content in the normal way, but don’t include any members in the email recipient list. Instead, simply send the email to one of the following email addresses:
  • Tuesday Newsletter:
  • Friday Newsletter:
After a short delay, the sender will receive an email response confirming that the newsletter email will be sent to all normal recipients at a certain time in the future – this is typically 8am GMT ((am BST) on the following Tuesday/Friday. The recipients are configured as a set of distribution lists, including members, carers, volunteers who have subscribed to the Tuesday/Friday newsletter and the speakup group.
Note: there is no facility to specify the recipients in a BCC list, but this is ok because users outside the speakeasy organisation are prevented from sending emails to these groups.

How it Works

A Microsoft Power Automate Flow workflow has been developed to start on receipt of an email in either the or shared mailboxes. The flow reads the email, then sends it back to the sender with the original content and details of when the mail will actually be sent to members. The flow then pauses until the following Tuesday/Friday at 8am GMT, at which point it sends the email to the members (plus carers and other nominated users).
Information on Microsoft Flows used by Speakeasy can be found here:

Microsoft Power Automate Flows used by Speakeasy