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The SumUp Card Reader can be used to process card payments, e.g. donations. The card reader has already been configured to communicate with the Speakeasy bank account, following the simple instructions available on the SumUp web site. This document is therefore just a brief guide on how to take a payment.


Switch on the card reader by pressing and holding power switch located on the right-hand side of the device, until SumUp can be seen on the card reader display.

Switch on and unlock the phone – the unlock code is on the reverse of the phone.

Once the phone unlocked, launch the SumUp application which is already installed on the phone.

Let us assume that a member is attending a Speakeasy meeting and needs to pay the £7.50 attendance fee (donation). To process the payment:

  • Click the basket icon which appears in the bottom middle of the SumUp application on the phone screen.
  • Click the “Member attendance” icon, which shows a cost of £7.50. The Charge button should change to show the chargeable amount. If correct, then click the Charge button.
  • The SumUp application will then show three options Card ReaderPayment Links and Cash. Select the Card Reader option.
  • The card reader will then display a message which reads Please tap, together with the amount being charged. At this point, the payer should place their card near to the card reader until an acceptance beep is heard. Once complete, there is an option to provide a receipt via email or SMS.

The transaction will timeout if no card is presented within a given time limit- if this occurs a message is displayed on the SumUp application and this can be dismissed.

Always check the amount being charged – if a user inadvertently clicks multiple items, then their basket of items can easily be cleared by clicking the basket icon in the bottom left hand side of the SumUp application and then clicking Clear Cart.

The SumUp application has been configured with SpeakEasy bank details, ensuring that all transactions are processed securely and monies deposited in the account approximately 2-3 days later.

Adding/Editing New Basket Items

The pre-configured items such as those for £5 and £10 donations and the £7.50 attendance donation can easily be edited in the SumUp application. To add a new item, click the basket icon which appears in the bottom middle of the SumUp application on the phone screen. Then click the Manage button. To add a new item, click Add Item. Give the item a short name and enter the chargeable amount. Make sure the VAT setting is set appropriately. To edit an item, click one of the existing items and modify its content. Click the green tick item to save or the cross item to undo the change.

Charging a custom amount

This option can be used where a particular charge does not match any of the pre-existing items. Note: the minimum amount that can be charged is £1.
Click the home icon towards the bottom of the app, then click the icon to the right of the home icon. A “Charge” button will then appear. Click the icon to the immediate right-hand side of the “Charge” button. Enter the amount to be charged, then click the “Add to Cart” buttonProceed as for other payments above.

Processing Refunds

It is possible to refund (or partially refund) a transaction in the  event of someone being erroneously overcharged. From the SumUp app, click on the on “Sales” in the bottom menu bar.
Browse the sales history and choose the transaction that needs to be refunded.
Click on the three dots in the right corner of the transaction field and choose “Refund transaction” to bring up the refund screen.
An opportunity will be given to toggle between full and partial refunds with the button at the top of the screen. The toggle will be automatically set to “Full” so full refunds can be issued by simply hitting “Next”. If issuing a partial refund, tap “Partial”, type in the refund amount and hit “Next”.
The user will be prompted to enter your password as confirmation. Add it in and then tap “Refund transaction” to finish the process. The password can be found in Bitwarden.

Changing Bank Details

In the unlikely event that the Speakeasy bank account changes, account details can easily be modified from within the SumUp application.

SumUp Monthly Report and Invoices

SumUp send monthly emails which typically contain two attachments:
  1. a monthly statement all transactions
  2. a monthly invoice showing SumUp’s deductions
These are currently emailed to (an attempt has been made to change this but SumUp have dithered and have now asked for further verification of our charitable status from Gill Pearl before this can be completed). Each month, the attachments in the monthly report should be uploaded to the following folder in Microsoft Teams:
Note: SumUp also send daily payout reports, usually immediately following a flurry of transactions (e.g. after each Ramsbottom CC meeting) – these can be checked but there is no need to upload these to Microsoft Teams.