Bruce Willis and Aphasia

This week #BruceWillis announced his retirement due to #aphasia; social media, radio, TV and the press have been full of the story. Those of us working as specialists in aphasia and people with aphasia themselves have been very busy playing our part in getting the word aphasia out there in the public domain.  However, it is slightly worrying that there is misinformation being circulated. Bruce Willis has a deteriorating condition; it is highly likely that this is Primary Progressive Aphasia although we must respect that this has not been confirmed by the family. Aphasia mostly occurs after stroke or other sudden trauma to the brain but this is different and the support needs have differences. It is important that anyone affected by any health condition gets relevant, accurate information and support for their own personal circumstances. Speakeasy has specialist speech and language therapists and staff with aphasia who can help deliver or signpost towards the appropriate help as can NHS speech and language therapists and other specialist aphasia charities.   Each of these charities has their own focus and activity, some of us have courses and activity designed specifically for people with progressive aphasia. There is a list of the main aphasia organisations on  Please help us reach people who need support by sharing this website or contacting our staff at