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This document provides details on how to access the speakeasy website content so that it can be edited or new posts can be added.


Accessing WordPress

The website can be found at
The WordPress product is used to create and edit website content. To access WordPress, click the following link: Speakeasy WebSite WordPress Login
The username and password for the account that is used to login can be found in Bitwarden – just search for “WordPress” in BitWarden.


If accessing the link results in a page showing an error message, try the following link instead:

Adding a new Post

To add a new post, first login to WordPress. From the WordPress menus on the left hand side of the screen,  click the “Posts…Add New” option. Give the post a title and type any text into the box that appear belows this. Add images by clicking the “Add Media” button. Any existing media in the media library can be used, or new media can be uploaded from an existing file on a user’s computer and inserted into the post.