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DNS is used to inform email and web services of the location of Speakeasy’s servers. Historically, email resided on Toltec servers, but this was configured early in 2022 to use Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, which is cloud-based. Speakeasy’s web server is still hosted by a FastHost server.

This document provides information on where to find the DNS configuration. Since the migration from Toltec, additional DNS entries have been configured, e.g. the Twilio SendGrid email service (see Sending Email From PowerShell using Twilio).


The DNS configuration for each registered Speakeasy domain can be found on Speakeasy’s FastHosts Control Panel, here: The login details for FastHosts  can be found in BitWarden.
As a fallback, a copy of all the configured settings can also be found in the following spreadsheet:
If any changes are made to the FastHosts configuration, please ensure the above document is updated to reflect those changes.