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Where we need to automate an activity, we use Microsoft Power Automate Flow if the automation activity is simple (e.g. handling responses from the member referral form and populating a Sharepoint list). Where more complex automation is required, a more suitable solution is to use a PowerShell script. There are two types of script in use at Speakeasy:
  • Standard PowerShell scripts – these scripts need to be executed interactively, e.g. where a user needs to be prompted for certain information such as login credentials. All Speakeasy Powershell scripts are stored here: PowerShell Scripts 
  • PowerShell scripts hosted in Azure as Azure Runbooks – these scripts are usually fully automatic and run in a scheduled basis. All runbooks used by Speakeasy can be viewed via the following link: Azure Resources. These can initially be developed locally than copied into a new runbook script – it is often easier to develop and debug major changes in this way – see the section below on how to install the appropriate pre-requisite software to get scripts to work on a desktop computer
The links given above assume that the user has been granted the appropriate access permissions.
This document provides links to the various PowerShell scripts and Azure Automation runbooks in use at Speakeasy. There is also a separate section which describes any PowerShell modules created specifically for use by Speakeasy.

PowerShell Script Development and Debugging

See: Debugging and Testing Azure Runbooks on a Desktop Computer

Azure Automation Runbooks

PowerShell Scripts for Local Computer Only

PowerShell Modules

iText7 PowerShell Module

Sending Email from PowerShell using Twilio

Sending Email From PowerShell using Twilio